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Fireye MP230 Programmer

Fireye modular M-Series II Flame safeguard controls are compact, modular burner management systems. They provide automatic ignition and continuous flame monitoring for commercial-sized heating and process burners using gas and/or light oil fuels.

Flame sensing is accomplished by miniature UV scanners or Flame rod/Photocell detectors and plug-in amplifier and programmer modules connected into a standard chassis and wiring base. Interchangeable programmer and amplifier modules allow complete versatility when selecting control function, timing and flame scanning means. Functions such as relight, two stage capability, purge timing, and pilot cutoff are determined by the programmer module. Type of flame scanner (UV, flame rod, or photocell). and Flame Failure Response Time (FFRT) are determined by the amplifier module. Some programmer modules have dipswitches for selecting purge timing, pilot trial-for-ignition (PTFI) timing, and recycle or non-recycle operation. LED indicator lights on all programmer modules indicate operating status of the control.

In the event of ignition failure, or after a safety shutdown, the unit locks out, activating an alarm circuit. Manual reset is required. Remote reset (via remote push-button or power interruption) is available on the MC120R chassis. Post purge is available on the MC120P chassis. Test jacks permit flame signal measurement during operation. A “run-check” switch on the MP560, MP561, MP562 programmer module assists in testing size, position and pilot stabilization.

Modular M-Series II controls incorporate a safety checking circuit that is operative on each start. If flame (real or simulated) is detected before a start or during the purge, the fuel valves wil not be energized and the until will lock out.

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Fireye MP230 Programmer