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Oil Fired Portable Boilers

Steam….where you want it, when you want it! Built with with all the same standard features as our other boilers but with the benefit of mobility. Saskatoon Boiler can build a portable package to suit your needs, available in either skid mount or wheel mount, and in sizes ranging from 10 -60 HP.

All units are equipped with the following standard equipment:

– All necessary safety controls

– Automatic feed water make-up

– Oil burner

– Steam hose

– Durable enamel finish with the option of a polished aluminum or painted jacket

Wheel Mounted Units Include

– Electrical Generating plant

– Insulated water tank

– Fuel tank

Optional Equipment

– Hose rack

– Water and/or fuel tanks for skid mounts

For more in-depth technical information please request a complimentary brochure.

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