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Quality is in the Details

At Saskatoon Boiler, we pride ourselves as much on the details you can’t see as those you can.

– Choice building materials, proven components, quality welding and smart, efficient design features… some of the many quality parts that make up a Saskatoon Boiler.

Some of the innovative features standard on EVERY Saskatoon Boiler:

– Standard designs from 15 to 1250HP up to 300 PSI with the flexibility of many site specific options.

– 3-pass design maximizes heat transfer.

– Saskatoon Boiler’s exclusive water cooled rear baffle eliminates refractory and reduces maintenance while increasing heat surface.

– Factory post weld heat treatment available (upon engineering requirements).

– Exclusive confined door gasket sealing system in conjunction with fully flanged doors produce positive sealing without the use of excessive bolting.

– Neat appearance – compact skid mounted design with a polished aluminum or painted steel jackets available (customer’s choice).

– Doors with ball thrust bearings allow ease of burner adjustments. With no jack required or electrical disconnect.

– Robust design permits direct mounting of the exhaust stack to the top of the boiler.

– Internal return or feed water preheating distribution system produces forced circulation reduced maintenance costs. Internal preheating and distribution system reduces thermal shock.

– Complete package bears UL listing label.

– Replacement parts and consumables readily available through our parts/service department.


  • Internal feed water preheating and distribution system
  • Durable enamel finish
  • Polished aluminium or steel jacket
  • Jacket porthole finish bezel
  • Precision bored tube sheet holes
  • Easily accessible door fastening lugs
  • Tube sheet hand hole for easy repair and maintenance operations