• 2011 Quebec Avenue Saskatoon, SK, Canada S7K 1W5


Saskatoon Boiler Mfg. Co. Ltd. is locally owned and is one of the few small independent manufacturers offering a proprietary and complicated piece of equipment under its own brand name “SASKATOON”.

Saskatoon Boiler takes advantage of being a “small firm”. Final decisions can be made immediately, thus supplying customer attention and service more quickly and on a higher level than is possible from a “giant” in the industry.

Saskatoon Boiler has distributors and service depots throughout Canada and USA.

“SASKATOON” boilers are readily accepted in a wide variety of industrial installations, such as:

  • oil and gas plants
  • manufacturing firms
  • greenhouses
  • hospitals and schools

The firm’s products have an excellent reputation for reliability – a reputation the Company backs up with excellent service and attention.

In 1959 a new office and plant facility was built where the firm presently resides. In 1972, 1978, and again in 1985, the plant facilities were expanded. Further expansion has been planned with the purchase of additional property. Today our Company stands ready to serve our existing and future customers.


Through the years Saskatoon Boiler has been largely a family firm and still carries this flavour to a certain degree. The Company employs well educated, trained and qualified personnel. Many Saskatoon Boiler employees have worked over 30 years with the company supplying the quality workmanship seen in our products today.

The firm was established in 1914, under the name SASKATOON WELDING COMPANY, and operated as a welding repair and machine shop until the early 1940’s when manufacturing started to play a role in its operations. The firm was widely known as being very progressive for its time. It obtained the second electric welder brought into Saskatchewan, the first portable electric welder in the province and was the first to include a machine shop in its welding operations.