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Coal Boilers

Saskatoon Boiler coal fired boilers are designed for steam or hot water service in sizes from 200,000 to 30,000,000 BTU/HR output. All boilers are in compliance with the applicable requirements of the Standard for Solid Fuel Central Heating Appliances, CAN/CSA-B366.1 and are listed and labelled by Underwriters’ Laboratory of Canada.

Each unit consists of a boiler, stoker, safety controls and electrical equipment, all assembled as a complete unit. All boilers have low water cut-offs to shut off fuel supply when the water in the boiler drops below minimum level.

All equipment is assembled at the manufacturer’s plant as a complete unit and shipped as a package.


  • Rugged steel boiler – Long boiler life
  • Hinged Doors – Easy internal access
  • Observation port – Flame and combustion chamber viewing
  • Access – For waterside inspections
  • Cast in place refractory – Restricts heat loss from hot chamber areas
  • Aluminium clad and insulated – Neat appearance, cool to touch
  • Safety air switch – Shuts down boiler if air supply is lost
  • Operational Controls – Manufactured by internationally located companies
  • Proven Stokers – Reliable components to assure low maintenance
  • Twin or single stokers available
  • Integral coal hopper or extended auger for remote coal hopper installation is available
  • Factory assembled – Reduced installation time

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